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Here's some information on the cars I have owned. As you can gather from the title and the cars below, my interest in cars seems to point quite strongly towards examples put together in a Michigan city well known for its automotive industry. Or as my friends put it, I'm an American car nut. If you're interested, you can read this rather subjective history of American cars written by myself under a sudden outburst of inspiration. I started these pages in '99, and since then have tried to gather information on my cars under their respective pages. I have found it very time consuming and often impossible to find detailed technical information on such old cars on the Internet. My information is gathered from various web pages, magazine articles, books and shop manuals. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information, but I hope you find it interesting nonetheless. Please note that I don't own most of these cars anymore. However, feel free to email me about any one of them, just remember that I might not remember every little detail anymore. You can find information on whether I still own a particular car under the 'Technical information' page. Besides technical information, you can find some literature scans, race results, pictures and videos on the pages listed below.

American cars


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