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Chevrolet Fleetside 1980

Chevy Trucks - Built To Stay Tough I was looking for a conventional Chevy truck preferably for all-year-round use when I saw this one. I wasn't looking for a truck for cargo hauling, but simply because I happen to like American vehicles, the more massive the better. The previous owner had put some effort in this truck when he had shortened the whole truck including the frame to the specs of the shortbed model. Modifications and the paint job guarantee that you don't have to try to remember where it was you parked your truck in a crowded parking lot. The truck had been in summer use since it was rebuilt in '93 and I saw no point in breaking that tradition while the body had a very good paint. This truck proved to be quite reliable and the performance was decent. The only thing I disliked was the suspension, which tended to find all the bumps in the road. Suspension modifications and wide tires might also have contributed to this.

Chevrolet Fleetside 1980 Technical Information

Some pictures of the Chevrolet ( 50-80kB each )

Highly unofficial drag racing results

The event was organised by TTMK and driven at the University's parking lot. The distance was 200 meters (abt. 1/8 mile) and the timing was manual. My time (11.0 @ 104 km/h (65 mph) ) was driven with transmission in "D" position and with about 1500 starting rpms.

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