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Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide 2005

Picture of the '05 Dyna After moving to southern California, I decided to take full advantage of the favorable weather, and bought a brand new Harley from the nice folks at El Cajon Harley-Davidson. I really had no previous experience of Harleys, except for that I've always wanted to have one. I kind of like to leave the excessive shine of chrome to my cars, and rather prefer more simple styling in motorcycles, even with a hint of nostalgic racer look. With this in mind, I was initially set to buy a Sportster 1200R, an all-American sports bike almost capable of keeping up with Japanese 125cc bikes. However, after test riding a Sportster and the "sporty" Big Twin, Dyna Super Glide, I decided to go for the Dyna, and haven't regretted the decision since. A major part of authentic H-D "race feeling" is the shake, rattle and roll, and a certain feeling that the bike may break down any moment. Both Sportster and Dyna have this feat at low speeds, but whereas Sportster rides worse the faster you go, the Dyna becomes surprisingly sturdy and solid at highway speeds. I have been using my Dyna Super Glide as my daily rider since I bought it, and resort to a car only when the transportation capacity is needed. Even though I'm more into classic cars than motorcycles, I've come to like this bike a lot, and it turns my commute into a pleasant experience. Should I run out of things to do with classic cars in the future (I doubt it), I'd like to do some modifications to the bike to achieve a more nostalgic bobber style look.

Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide Technical Information

Some pictures of the Dyna ( 70-130kB each )

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