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Pontiac Grand Prix 1964

Pontiac posing on a nice summer day This one was my first car. I had dreamt of an old American car for many years before I got my driver's license. I bought the Pontiac from Helsinki in January in the middle of winter and had to drive it home to Tampere, which makes about 200 kilometers ( 124 miles ) of highway. It took me 5 hours to drive home in the dark evening while it was snowing hard and the visibility was extremely poor. I had to drive with the sidewindow open so I could peek out and see where the roadlanes go, and also be ready to close the window fast when a truck was coming along the opposite lane or it would have thrown a considerable load of wet snow in the car. I had to stop a few times to clean the windhield from dirty snow while the windshield washers didn't work. All of this was on four totally worn-out M+S tires. I have never feared as much in a car than I did back then, but with a long line of cars behind me with drivers ready to shoot me for driving that slow, I got the car (and myself) back home in one piece. Later on I experienced some misfortunes with the rear axle. One day the original unit blew up and became scrap metal. The new 'previously owned' unit which was installed also had its faults by having a noisy bearing.

Pontiac Grand Prix 1964 Technical Information

Some pictures of the Pontiac ( 50-70kB each )

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