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Cadillac Series 6200 coupe 1959

Picture of the '59 Cadillac What can I say -- this is my dream come true. '59 Cadillac was a car whose styling divided opinions when it was new, and continues to do so even decades later. Few can argue that with its massive tailfins, it was the culmination point of the flamboyant car design of the 50's. At that time, many Cadillac buyers felt that GM had pushed it just too far with this highway rocketship, but over the years, the excessive styling has made the '59 Cadillac a true icon of the fifties, and a highly desireable automobile. It has been starring in numerous movies, ads, songs, and even on the cover of the Time magazine. For me, the '59 was the most influential car to draw me into the world of classic American cars. Like they say, old flames never die, and even though I've owned several other classics over the years, the '59 has always had a special place in my heart. Finally, I decided it was time to realize my long time dream. After a long search, I found this ex-California car in Missouri, where the previous owner had restored it some 20 years ago. The odometer reading was only 68k miles, and all the signs lead me to believe this is the actual mileage. I like to think of this car as a "lightly restored survivor". Even though the car has been restored, it still has all the original upholstery in good condition, and drives really nice with the original steering and suspension components. The engine and drivetrain are also in original mechanical condition. I couldn't have been more happy with my decision to finally give up to my old flame. This car gets lots of thumbs up on the road, but more importantly, its extravagant styling never seems to stop pleasing my own eyes.

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