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Ford Mustang GT Coupe Deluxe 2007

Picture of the '07 Mustang Even though I'm generally not a big fan of post-60's automotive styling, the S197 bodied Mustang immediately caught my eye starting from the first concept photos. As the sales figures have shown, Ford did a really good job in capturing the styling of the classic Mustangs in a new car. Even though I'm more of a fan of fullsize luxury barges, I decided to try a modern muscle car for a change, now that Detroit had finally come up with something good-looking after decades of waiting. I though it would be a breeze to find a car meeting my specs from the dealer lots, but it turned out that stick shift GTs were in high demand, and there weren't that many lying around on the dealer lots. Had I ordered the car from the factory, I'd have skipped the rear spoiler and the hood scoop for cleaner appearance, though it seems that many Mustang fans like these. I've found the Mustang to be a quick, fun little car, that gives excellent performance for the buck. Even though the long haul ride comfort isn't quite comparable to a Cadillac, the Mustang makes it up in the time it takes to get there...

Ford Mustang GT Coupe Deluxe Technical Information

Some pictures of the Mustang ( 48-145kB each )

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